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Sometimes in the retro gaming community playing the originals just isn’t enough. These days several programmers are still developing games for the older gaming systems in all varieties including the nes, snes, Sega Genesis, Saturn, all the Game Boy handhelds, and the TurboGrafx-16 just to name a few. These games are generally called homebrew games. It can be a tedious work of love and can be more difficult than making a modern game…Take that new gen! Speaking of the Sega Genesis lets take a look at Watermelon’s own super top secret Beat ’em up/Brawler game inspired by games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight in mind…with an artificial title called “Project Y.”

But this isn’t Watermelon’s first rodeo, as they have released their Sega Genesis based Pier Solar RPG on Steam, PC/LINUX/MAC, Sega Dreamcast, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and Ouya. Tulio, who was in charge of Pier Solar left Watermelon because of creative differences and Project Y is left up to the shrouded and non revealing Gwénaël “Fonzie” Godde.


He’s not related to Snoop Dogg.


The game is making progress but Fonzie doesn’t really like to reveal much on it and the result is upset fans who have help back this game. There’s the few screenshots here and there, a lengthy soundtrack and a couple of videos which I’m showing here. Supposedly they are getting ready to make another video and they should. A game that looks this beautiful needs no neglect, let’s just hope that the project sees fruition because I don’t know about yall guys, but I love these types of games so sign me up for the kickassery that is Project Y.


project y

project y

project y

project y

Oh boy…what is Fonzie up to now?

project y

Are you a fan of Beat ’em up/Brawler games? Do you think this game looks good and were you aware people are still out there making new games for old gaming systems? Do you want to kick my ass in real life instead of do it in a game? Let us know below.

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