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Thats it.

No One is going to do any of this and I may be crazy but here we go.

We have to do something…. Right now.

Not a march, not a song, not a hashtag, not a protest, not a sit in, not on stage, and not on a T-shirt. We have to change our community and we have to act now.

We have to adjust our spending, our voting, our entire approach to existence in the United States and the world and
we have to enroll the entire country with us on a program to alter the trajectory of American History.

We will not I’ve under totalitarian conditions and we will not be distracted by speeches and spats between our black elite.

We the people who exist on the streets must better ourselves, each other and the environment we live in.

#1) We all need to Join the NRA and We all need to buy gun owners insurance
#2) We all need to immediately purchase hand guns and apply for permits to carry
#3) we need to suspend all tax payments
#4) We neet to remove our money from the banking system simultaneously
#5) We don’t create a coherent group of demands that will at least partially convince us that the system is once again working for us


For me- (you can agree or disagree):
– Mandatory Education, psychological testing, yearly training, evaluation and proper management of police
– liability and jail time for use of excessive force by police
– proper civilian oversight of police and military expenditures or action ( in other words non elected, qualified, diverse, temporary board members assembled periodically from the citizenry)
– Each community should govern its police department
– a restructuring of the electoral process top to bottom – senate is appointed for 4 year terms only. Ie: They are appointed by the State house of representatives. 6 year single term presidencies with bi partisan Vice President and presidential teams.

– immediate term limits top to bottom
– immediate reduction in insurance and pay for all elected individuals. No retirement, no pension, no security,
– A new National reassessment of our entire educational process
* Education should be our number 1 priority
– A restructure of the supply side of our entire medical system, insurance system, and banking system. Many of their practices are simply predatory and driven by entirely financial goals
– End lobbyists and audit politicians yearly
– A flat Tax and a consumption tax, we pay out of our checks and thats it. No credits, no write offs, nothing. We pay 10% to keep the country running period
– A flat consumption tax on everything broken into Local, State and Federal. If you spend money or make money, you pay. Thats it.
– The government has to operate on a real budget. We can’t borrow money from our cousin or mom or dad anymore. We sink or swim on a budget
– Nationalized service. After High school we work for the highway department, the forestry department, something… Sort of like Israel.
– If you want to sell in the US you pay our tarrifs and meet our standards
and finally…
– Criminals are put to work. Your term is your term and there is no way the city, state, government can make a profit. No private prisons. Its the military without guns, you train, work, and learn until you are done. Heavily Monitored, if you rape someone in prison or kill someone instant death. We have to reorganize prison society. It has to be 100% changed.

All Drugs are legal – You won’t ever drive again, You can’t fly an airplane but you can smoke all the meth you like. If you are caught being out of line once… Prison. Meth driving – a year, cracked out in public – a year. Too bad you were high. Otherwise we don’t care what you do, You can even pay to go into meth amusement facilities where you pay to get in but don’t leave until you reach a certain point of sanity. All part of the deal, essentially its an opium den.

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