• 1 month ago

Dj Dacick 1's update for month and upcoming

  • 1 month ago

Knockin Doors Down, Sippin On Some Syrup, Draped Up and Dripped out and Pocket Full of

OGRONC | ChopCloud and
  • 10 months ago

ChopCloud is a Remix Development & Distribution Company designed to connect artist with the top Slowed-Down Remix Dj's in the world.

Campus Takeover Tour 2016
  • 2 years ago

Campus Takeover Tour 2016 starts September 1st!!! Here's just some of the LIVE events we're bringing you this fall!!! We've been doing this college takeover

Rapid Ric | J.O.Y 2015
  • 2 years ago

Rapid Ric is a professional DJ from Austin/Houston, TX who has played in over 30 countries.

Lil Keke | Chunk Up the Deuce
  • 3 years ago

This is still by far one of the best tracks to ever come out of Houston, before everything change and H-town got lame. Don't know

Chamillionaire Ft. Lil’ Flip | Turn It Up
  • 3 years ago

This is still two of the best to ever come out of Texas and I've had to honor of working with Chamillionaire for many years.

Cory Mo from
  • 3 years ago

I guess when someone copies everything you do and pretends like it's original, you should just smile. Cory Mo, another Transplanta artist from Houston has

G.G. McGee | Spring Break Takeover Tour 2015
  • 3 years ago

G.G. McGee's "Mountain Top" is featured on the Spring Break Takeover 2015 sampler. Catch him and the other featured artists on the Spring Break 2015

Southern Rapper APB
  • 3 years ago

These are some of the favorites that I wanna see what they're doing to feature on here, so where are they now?? I'm serious, I've worked

Philly Phill | Henney Coke & Vodka REMIX
  • 3 years ago

Here's the chopped and screwed version of Philly Phill's Henney Coke &

South Park Mexican | Angels
  • 3 years ago

SPM's lyrics are the realest, dopest, and most deep lyrics out there. ... Now, everyone knows that the lyrics in the Dope House Records songs

The Oak Ridge Boys CO-SIGN Joy Collins
  • 4 years ago

We try to find artists that really are making a difference, no more what genre. If you really know your music legends, then you know