• 10 months ago

It's were they get all of their money. Now you know.

Where AIDS Came From PART 5
  • 3 years ago

And if all this wasn't bad enough for people to learn from and make safer choices with their lives, these individuals made the pandemic so

Where AIDS Came From PART 4
  • 3 years ago

Medically, the advance study and application treatments would allow those patients to live with HIV and AIDS. Many great steps have been taken to control

Where AIDS Came From PART 3
  • 3 years ago

Darrow's findings, which named Patient Zero as a gay Canadian flight attendant called and here's a Short

Dave Chappelle|Ferguson And Gay Protest
  • 3 years ago

Dave Chappelle comments on Ferguson and Gay

Rich Gang – Lifestyle ft. Young Thug Video Parody
  • 4 years ago

This is a comedy parody of the hit single "Lifestyle" by Rich Gang. Starring Young Hug (Mr.

LBGT Cult of America
  • 4 years ago

After visiting over 200 radio stations, dj events, media&press conference,etc talking to various media people who are pretending to be ok with the current state

Florida Father Beats Child Rapist Caught In The Act
  • 4 years ago

We at IAP usually focus on music, pretty girls, comedy, and fun events. But this needs to be a warning to anyone that would ever