Kanye West Kidnapped, Held By Government
  • 1 year ago

Kanye West was put under psychiatric hold after exposing what's really going on in this country and supporting Donald Trump.

WTFriday | Girls Can’t Be President STUPID
  • 1 year ago

Nevermind what your kindergarten teacher told you, this is America. Land of the Porn, Taco Bell, Pills, and Walmart. Plus the co-owner of PayPal backs

Family Guy & Simpsons Future Illuminati Predictions
  • 2 years ago

In this video we look at the top 10 soon to be predictive programming on Family Guy and The Simpsons.

WTFriday | Squad Fails
  • 2 years ago

SQUAD FAILS!!!! All I just got back from Chicago on the TakeOver Tour, this has to be said. PSA:

T.I. | “If You Support Trump Don’t Buy My Music”
  • 2 years ago

T.I. does not want your money if you support Donald Trump and what he stands for. Check out this quick interview with T.I. by TMZ

  • 2 years ago

Yeah, that got your attention. Whats wrong with you???? Do you know that there is not more porn because gays can now get married and

WTFriday | Netflix & Chill
  • 3 years ago

In yet another week of head-scratching news, we proudly present the special Netflix & Chill edition of our WTFriday series. This installment of the series