T.I. – Rubber Band Man
  • 6 months ago

Ask all of the dj's that follow for #djlife, they still play this track and everyone in high school in the US, UK, EU, Japan,

Dj Scorpio | A&R of the South
  • 1 year ago

Sebastian Jackson AKA DJ Scorpio AKA "The Promotions Predator" AKA "Captain Crunk" hails from Houston, Texas. However, he makes his home in Atlanta, GA. Scorpio

Ying Yang Twins | LIVE
  • 2 years ago

Here's one all of our summer high school interns requested, and this was when

Cadillac on 22’s | David Banner
  • 2 years ago

I miss the old David Banner. He is THE Mississippi real rapper and you might miss the message of two young men killed along the

David Banner Music Is Great
  • 2 years ago

But I'm really sick of only seeing these "feel sorry for me because I can't get more rich and famous" cry baby video interviews with

Cory Mo | M.A.D. Studios
  • 2 years ago

M.A.D. Studios Has Been a staple in the Music Industry Since 1999. Founded in Houston by

David Banner | The God Box
  • 3 years ago

David Banner just summed up DJ VLAD whole past 10 years by calling him an emotional rumor seeking female. Wow, David Banner is gotten too