Lliamma Lake Monster
  • 7 months ago

escribed by Ivan T. Sanderson as not a lake at all but really an inland sea, Lake Iliamna is the largest body of freshwater in

Lizard Man of Bishopville , South Carolina | IAPfilms
  • 8 months ago

One dark night near Bishopville, South Carolina, in June of 1988, seventeen-year-old Christopher Davis stopped to change a flat tire along

Just as he thought

  • 9 months ago

The first claimed sighting was in May 1955. A businessman is said to have seen three or four 3-foot (0.91 m)-tall frog-faced creatures squatting under

The Michigan Dogman | IAPfilms
  • 9 months ago

One of the more unusual cryptozoological mysteries, the Dogman is said to be a strange bipedal hominid with the head of a dog and the

Kelly–Hopkinsville | Little Green Men
  • 2 years ago

In a small town in Kentucky a group of local farmers burst into the police station fearing for their lives. On August 21, 1995, the