Jayden Young & Mr. Sche – Da Evil Within


Official music video for “Da Evil Within” by Jayden Young & Mr. Sche. Directed, produced, edited & filmed by Sche Eastwood. From the album “Da Evil Within”.

Da Evil Within is a collaboration album with Memphis Underground Veteran Mr. Sche, and upcoming artist Jayden Young. Dark beats laced with sadistic, methodical dark flows. This journey is for the wicked! Tread lightly! Abandon all hope, ye who enters here! Da Evil Within promises to be a classic for all rap horror fans!

Track Listing

1. The Killing (Produced by Mr. Sche) 
2. Welcome To Your Nightmare! (Produced by Mr. Sche, feat. T.n.T.) 
3. Evil Within’ (Produced by Cody Rapp) 
4. 6ic & Deranged (Produced by Le Chum) 
5. I Listen To Devil Shyt (Produced by Mr. Sche) 
6. Intoxicated (Produced by Mr. Sche, feat. T-Rock) 
7. Hell Party! (Produced by Le Chum) 
8. Murderous Intensions (Produced by Cody Rapp, feat. Blaune) 
9. Unholy Immortal (Produced by Mr. Sche, feat. Pimpminista & Blaune) 
10. Vengeance (Produced by Mr. Sche, feat. Pimpminista) 
11. Robbin’ (Produced by Le Chum, feat. Pimpminista) 
12. Step Up (Produced by Le Chum, feat. Komatoze) 
13. Satans Rejects (Produced by Mr. Sche, feat. Cody Rapp, Dees)

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