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This is a simple great idea. This is people helping people. When we were struggling to get stores to carry our first album on Grind Time Official, Pledge 1 , Dj Jelly helped me by carrying our First album in the Big Oomp stores which was the second group of stores after iapstore.com .

Dj Jelly also let me set up in-store dj day parties at all of the Big Oomp record stores to help get new fans to come hangout with us and hopefully purchase our new independently produced album. Knowing that our Grind Time Official national promotions and marketing budget came 100% from our show money for ticket sales, my mix cd production, my graphic design clients, live DJ events from my self and DA BILL COLLECTOR, cd sells out of the trunk and the strippers who were sell the albums for me, and the features that Killer Mike was paid really didn’t add to the amount of the major labels.

So, I called and sent texts to all of my dj friends who were Coalition djs, Aphillates, Core djs as well as the artists we really worked with in Atlanta. Then invited girls who came to my parties and club events, record label friends from Grand Hustle, MasterMind Music Group, CTE, SoSo Def, BLOCK ENT, 95.5 The Beat, Hot 107.9 and V103 in Atlanta. Knowing full well I was not going to be able to act like we had money to waste like so many other who tried the ‘fake it till you make it’, I just told “hey, me and Mike are going to being hanging at Big Oomp with Dj Jelly, Voo Doo, and Dj Montay because we have a new album and if you come by we’ll have pizza if you show up.” Yes, I ordered the $5 for 5 pizza from Papa John’s and because 99% of their delivery drivers were 17-22 year old guys that were our fans, it really was a complete success. I remember the day party at the Big Oomp record store in Marietta on Cobb parkway, thanks to Dj Jelly we sold out the last 250 cds of the 5000 G.R.I.N.D. samplers.

Grind Time Official

We were having so much fun with fans we didn’t know we had sold out of our albums, just djing with Killer on the mic with every eating pizza, taking about hip hop, dancing with the girls, and having fun. This was of the many good days helped us grow and not give up.

This is exact reason why I think the Rosa’s Fresh Pizza staff is so great. I love Philly and I want you to go to Rosa’s Fresh Pizza to try their amazing slices and show them this post. And why we want to take this great idea and have who ever across the US to let know how we can spread the fund collection of new $1 donation PAY-IT-FORWARD option on iapstore each month at a different company, events, or cause. CLICK HERE TO LET US KNOW ASAP.

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