Why DJ’s Are Still Needed During This Streaming Era

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A few years back, people started to obtain music in a different way. This way is now known as streaming; and there’s a few major outlets that are providing this service and have different payouts, so do your research.

Streaming has cut CD sales nearly 30% or more, which has forced independent artists and upcoming artists to consider focusing solely on pushing their music through streaming platforms. As a result, artists think that they can by-pass the DJ and be internet stars!

But, up & coming artists can hurt in the long-run by pushing their music this way. Why? Because, if new artists don’t have a solid fan base from the ground up, they can become one-hit wonders or never see the “light of day.” Remember, new and up & coming artists are competing with major artists for the fans’ attention!

This is why using an outlet like djmusiccrate.com is so important. Here, we stream records, and as a result, artists get their streaming dollars. Also, at djmusiccrate.com, DJs are now able to sign in, download, record, and introduce or break artists’ records. Finally, djmusiccrate.com lets artists test records to see if they are or are not appealing to DJs. By using a platform like djmusiccrate.com, artists won’t have to limit themselves by thinking that the only way to catch attention is to stream a club record or radio record.

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DJ Music Crate has been a great dj servicing and mass marketing company, they’ve helped us promote our albums and increased our record sales.


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