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DJ Jelly | The Atlanta Experiment - IAP-TV

DJ Jelly | The Atlanta Experiment

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DJ Jelly, known as The Stamp of Approval, is a student and teacher of Hip-Hop and is considered one of the most influential DJs, not only in the South but all over the world. Although his Dirty South style of Hip-Hop was not recognized until early 2000, Dj Jelly along with his partner Mc Assault, enthusiastically led the crusade and have been able to remain a relevant force in the nurturing and building of this very important and evolving segment of hip hop.

Just shy of two decades, his accolades are as plentiful as is his ubiquitous work schedule. Among the last of a dying breed of truly skilled DJs, he remains passionate to his performances and continues to use the basic elements of cutting, scratching and mixing and is well known around the world for his unusually creative remixes, as well as, his distinct musical interpretations.

Jelly’s parties are CRUNK to the highest power of pure energy; they are intense and alluring to all races, cultures and creeds and have taken him from Montgomery, Alabama to Toyko Japan – he is internationally known and hood respected!! He is a product of the infamous “Freak Nik “events of the early 90’s that helped make Atlanta the music mecca that it is today. Jelly continues to entertain millions around the world through his diverse range of Dance, Old School, Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop music.

Dj Jelly

Additionally, this talented DJ has been a key factor in breaking local Atlanta artists such as OutKast, Lil Jon, T.I, Jeezy, and Dj UNK, to humbly name a few as well as breaking artist into the southern market such as The Notorious Big,Lil Kim,Faith Evens,Craig Mac, Timberland, Cassidy, 3-6 Mafia, and Fat Joe. This was done, in large part, along side his DJ Crew, the Southern Style DJs who have collectively sold millions of Mix CDs and Mix DVDs throughout their 10-year affiliation.

Jelly has won numerous awards in his career including the prestigious Justo’s Mixtape” Dirty South DJ of the Year” in 2003, TjsDJ’s 2004 “TasteMakers Award” 2004 SEA’s “Best Blend Tape ” and most recently SEA’s 2008 “Dirty South DJ of the Year” along with a host of other nominations that range from the Legendary Mix Show Power Summit to The Source Awards.

His high profile events, DJ artistry and his ability to recognize and break new talent placed him in the limelight with countless appearances on BET’s “The Basement and “Rap City” as well as, MTV’s “Direct Effect”, “Made”, “My Super Sweet 16”and Play Boys”Queen of the Club”documentary. Adding to his multi-media journey, Dj Jelly has appeared in numerous print and online publications such as The Source Magazine, XXL, Rap Mullet, Nah Right and sohh.com.

Surround Sound


John Boy, Instrument Microphone/Percussion/Keyboard IG @johnboyonthetrack &Twitter @johnboyonthetrk
B Trill – Instrument – Quint Drums -IG @trilltracks-Twitter @btrillmusiq
3D -Instrument – Drum Set -IG @donellsomervillejr-Twitter @dsomdrummer
Mighty Joe -Instrument – Keyboard -IG @mighty_joe10
DIgigost -Instrument – Bass Guitar-IG @digigost-Twitter @digigostdotcom
Jeremy Avalon -Instrument – Lead Guitar -IG @jeremyavalon -Twitter @jeremyavalon_
DJ EasyMoney -Instrument – DJ/MC -IG @djeasymoney_24
DJ Aquaria -Instrument – Turn Tables -IG @djaquaria-Twitter @djaquaria
Cherri Swan -Instrument – Bass Guitar/MC -IG @cherriswan-Twitter @cherriswan
Platipus Jones -Instrument – Trombone -IG @platipusjonez_breakbread-Twitter @platipusjonez
Chancellor Mills -Instrument – Trombone -IG @c3dawg-Twitter @chance2takemusic
Mike G -Instrument – Trombone -IG @bob_e_flacco-Twitter @bob_e_flacco
Creamy -Instrument – Trumpet
No Name -Instrument – Trumpet -IG @no_name_the_great_nameless-Twitter @nonamethegreat
Phil -Instrument – Trumpet
Slaw Bunz -Instrument – Tuba -IG @la.shawn.da-Twitter @lashawndahayes
Meechie -Instrument – Tuba -IG @meechiecau

DJ Jelly’s business savvy led him to co-founding the legendary independent label “BIG OOMP RECORDS” as well as a chain of music retail stores, BIG OOMP RECORD STORES , that have become a staple in Atlanta’s urban music scene. With a popular T.V. show under his belt(Live With The Oomp Camp) and endless community and social networking programs…. Dj Jelly has been able to embody the true meaning of” THE STAMP OF APPROVAL”!

You can keep up with DJ Jelly’s world travels, interviews and events on his website www.astheworldspins.com or stay in touch with him directly

Kilo Ali

Take one look at this genre-bending, culture-shocking duo, and one could see how their name fits so appropriately. Hailing from Atlanta, GA and Cincinnati, Ohio respectively, the artist known as “Dolla” and female vocalist “Ring” collectively make up the group titled WHOAA (pronounced WHOAA!). With their polished sound delivery and a eye-catching image oozing with commercial sensibility, equipped with a highly energetic stage presence, this duo is a like a breath of fresh air in today’s crowded music scene. Female member “Ring”, a fiery blonde, pop-rock diva with a “Britney meets Lita Ford” vocal edge, who formerly recorded under “Slim” Williams & Cash Money Records, brings out the sexier edge of WHOAA. The other half, “Dolla”, a genre-defying lyricist with retro 80s “funk” flair, with much versatility that seamlessly weaves Hip-Hop and Pop, brings quite the dynamic balance to WHOAA.


Ashley “Ring” was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, graduate of SCPA (School for Creative and Performing Arts), signed her first record deal with Cash Money Records in 2008 and released music featuring Lil Wayne in 2011. Ring first worked with “Dolla”, during a late night recording session for Dolla’s former group EDUBB in 2013. After re-discovering past history and noticing the organic chemistry, Ring mentioned the idea to record more songs, which ultimately spawned into a full project, and newly formed duo, WHOAA was born.

Darren “Dolla” Murphy was born in Decatur, GA, and began his musical pursuit at the age of 16, as a founding member of the successful independent hip-hop trio, EDUBB. Mostly known from their “tongue in cheek” contributions, the viral hit “Whooty”, with over 12 million youtube views, Dolla not only performed with the group, but also handled all marketing and brand duties and co-owned the independent label, selling over 80,000 digital units.

WHOAA’s debut EP “The Day It All Changed” is a culmination of a new sound that’s been crafted over the course of a year, with emerging producer Mike Maven (production credits for Atlantic Records/Warner Brothers). Leading off with their catchy “Let the Good Times Roll”, Top-40 radio anthem “Crusin” and the heavy ballad “Unconditional”, in which the group hopes will inspire a new movement for love and peace in today’s hectic times. “We just want to spread Love and Hope to those that might be Hopeless, to show the world that music is still a healing tool”, says Ring. With an acronym like “When Hearts Open And Attract”, its clear to see WHOAA, is on a mission with ambitious intentions. The band is currently focused on their highly energetic stage set along with touring festivals abroad, with hopes of winning over new fans, upon releasing the EP in the Fall/Winter of 2015.

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    John Boy
    -Instrument – Microphone/Percussion/Keyboard
    -IG @johnboyonthetrack
    -Twitter @johnboyonthetrk

    B Trill
    -Instrument – Quint Drums
    -IG @trilltracks
    -Twitter @btrillmusiq

    -Instrument – Drum Set
    -IG @donellsomervillejr
    -Twitter @dsomdrummer

    Mighty Joe
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    -Instrument – Bass Guitar
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    Jeremy Avalon
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    Cherri Swan
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    Platipus Jones
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    -IG @platipusjonez_breakbread
    -Twitter @platipusjonez

    Chancellor Mills
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    -IG @c3dawg
    -Twitter @chance2takemusic

    Mike G
    -Instrument – Trombone
    -IG @bob_e_flacco
    -Twitter @bob_e_flacco

    -Instrument – Trumpet
    -IG N/A
    -Twitter N/A

    No Name
    -Instrument – Trumpet
    -IG @no_name_the_great_nameless
    -Twitter @nonamethegreat

    -Instrument – Trumpet
    -IG N/A
    -Twitter N/A

    Slaw Bunz
    -Instrument – Tuba
    -IG @la.shawn.da
    -Twitter @lashawndahayes

    -Instrument – Tuba
    -IG @meechiecau
    -Twitter N/A

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