WTFriday | FREE AIDS at #ATLOrgy
  • 4 months ago

This has been a historical week of stupid and dangerous fails in the US!

Eating 25 Year Old Nintendo Cereal
  • 5 months ago

We grew up on fantastic cereals back in my day. You young punks don't know bout dat

Boy Pulls Out A Dildo In The Middle Of A High School Homecoming Dance Assembly
  • 5 months ago

One of your close friends stole your mothers well used dildo and decided to utilize it for a high school prank during a homecoming dance. No

  • 5 months ago

And now you know the story of the Machine! S/O to

WTFriday | Butthurt Crybabies
  • 6 months ago

If this offends you, then you need to do something with your life. Take a vacation, make new friends, or just stop bitching.

Trans-Species Men Live Life As Dogs
  • 7 months ago

Meet the men who "identify" as dogs who say they have "Puppy Identity" and want to be accepted as normal creatures, just like gay people

Most Retro Video Game System Ever
  • 8 months ago

Adam's games are old, old, unreasonably old school. Check out this hilarious clip from the good folks over at College Humor.

New Survey Shows 1 in 4 People Would Date A Sexbot
  • 8 months ago

A new survey shows that 1 out of 4 adults aged 18 to 34 that they would date a robot humanoid. Companies are building sex

WTFriday | Girls Can’t Be President STUPID
  • 9 months ago

Nevermind what your kindergarten teacher told you, this is America. Land of the Porn, Taco Bell, Pills, and Walmart. Plus the co-owner of PayPal backs

WTFriday | Strippers Love Harambe
  • 11 months ago

Strippers Love Harambe

WTFriday | Do Gold Medals Cure ZIKA
  • 11 months ago

America, America!!! America, fuck yeah! Coming again to save the mother fucking day, yeah America, fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah Terrorist your

The Art of Teabagging
  • 12 months ago

Now over here at IAP-TV we pretty much invented teabagging but sometimes we have to check up on our followers to make sure they are

Lateysha Grace Twerk Fail
  • 12 months ago

It's too bad Lateysha Grace just didn't keep on going...damn

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing – Angry Video Game Nerd
  • 12 months ago

AVGN - Y'all know the drill...!!!BIG MUTHAFUCKIN RIGS!!!

Fight at 7-Eleven NYC
  • 12 months ago

El o fucking el. Man look at this damn fool looking like a rodeo barrel clown and