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We work with over 300 clients as well as new artists, bands, djs, and models everyday who rely on our 14 years of proven success,hard work, and honesty. But we’ve heard the “I’m the GREATEST (fill in the BLANK) in (FILL IN THE CITY) and I’m gonna get signed to (fill blank with the record label or company) then i’m gonna (FILL IN THE BLANK WITH SOME LARGE AMOUNT OF SALES OR SUCCESS) as soon I )FILL IN THE BLANK WITH AN INCORRECTLY USED BUSINESS TERM) my next (USUALLY FREE SOMETHING , IG MODEL CAMPAIGN OR 26th ‘MIXTAPE’ although not a mix or a tape, it’s a download zip file on a bootleg site)”. Those days are OVER. We have a large amount of clients on that successfully sell out shows, sell their merch items to their fans, and continually tour from small regional spot shows in dives and frat house to 20,000 to 100,000 seat Arenas regardless of their budget, genre, or what city they’re from. SO FROM NOW ON, If you claim you’re so great and you can’t back it up, you’re getting BANNED FROM Independent Artist Promotions like these below:

SevidemiC banner

BUT IT or BAN IT is working. Part 1 is can the artist get 1,000 views in the first month or get BANNED from for a year. Part 2 is can they get 5,000 views in the second month and to win get a guided promo tour from us. Part 3 is if they can get 10,000 views then they’ll be included on the Takeover Tour.

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