Atlanta: The Beginning and End of Public Housing

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Atlanta, Georgia is the birth place of public housing, with the first being Techwood Homes. Atlanta is also the first city to raise all of its public housing – the exception being Martin St Plaza (Summerhill) and Westminster (Piedmont Rd). Up until the 1996 Olympic Games, 1 out of 9 people in Atlanta lived in a housing project. These apartments were an extreme improvement from the neighborhoods that once stood in the same place. These projects are a part of Atlanta’s history whether we like it or not. Atlanta had both publicly and privately owned projects. The last of Atlanta’s housing projects were demolished back in 2010.

Public Housing is shown in alphabetical order:
Bankhead Court – Bankhead Bolton project
Bowen Homes – Cary Park project
Capitol Homes
Carver Homes – South Atlanta project
Clark Howell Homes – Tanyard Bottoms project
Eagan Homes – Vine City project
East Lake Meadows aka Lil Vietnam – East Lake project
Englewood Manor – Chosewood Park project
Gilbert Gardens aka Pool Creek- Blair Village project
Grady Homes- Old Fourth Ward project
Harris Homes – West End project
Herndon Homes – Fifth Ward project
Hollywood Court
John Hope Homes – Castleberry Hill project
Jonesboro North – Lakewood project
Jonesboro South – Lakewood project
Leila Valley – Rebel Valley Forest project
Martin St. Plaza- Summerhill project
McDaniel-Glenn- Mechanicsville project
Perry Homes
Techwood Homes – Techwood Flats project
Thomasville Heights- Thomasville project
Tucker Homes- Lakewood Heights project
University Homes- Beaver Slide project
U-Rescue Villa- Buttermilk Bottoms-Bedford Pine project
Wheat St Gardens – Old Fourth Ward project

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